Suffocation-…Of The Dark Light Album Review

You have a lot to live up to when you’re a band such as Suffocation. Since their inception they have dominated the Death Metal scene, bringing together both the brutality and techincality of the genre, whilst similtaniously pioneering such genres as Brutal Death Metal and its various sub genres.

All that said, Suffocation have never really been a let down bringing slabs of Death Metal to the table everytime. Such was the case with their 2013 album Pinnacle Of Bedlam the predessecor to this release. Its safe to say that Suffocation are back, with 9 tracks of brutality packed tightly into 35 minutes with this album …Of The Dark Light.

The album wastes no time chucking us into the fray of brutality with Clarity Through Deprivation. The typical speed and barbariry of Suffocation is showcased immediately, with even the slower parts of the song dragging our corpses through the mud. Following after is The Warmth Within The Dark which feels very much like a traditional Death Metal song. There aren’t really any bells and whistles but it still holds up and keeps the flow of carnage at a steady pace.

Straight after The Warmth Within The Dark your head will instantly start bobbing for the opening riffs of Your Last Breaths, before the whirlwind of new member, Eric Morottis’ drumming sweeps us off our feet. This track has a really decent mixture of both speed and more, dare I say, slamesque moments coupled in with some fierce techincality. We are soon thrown towards the darkness as we Return To The Abyss. A track with a similar vibe to Your Last Breaths and one which serves up some more than suitable Death Metal.

The Violation slips into the mix well with its Technical Death Metal edge and more memorable moments. The title track …Of The Dark Light swoops in adding to the album with its typical Suffocation mixture of brutality and technicality. Beautifully written and utterly devestating.

Speed resumes swiftly when we see that Some Things Should Be Left Alone, much unlike this album which should be picked up and enjoyed. Caught Between Worlds then comes along to leave its imprint, following along the same lines as previous tracks and not nessecirly displaying anything new. Everything soon comes to a close with Epitaph Of The Credulous, which brings about an ending in a similar vain as the start of the album, providing heavy poundings of visceral Death Metal.

Suffocation have never really been a band to leave us with a sense of disappointment and once again they have succeeded. Expertly writtin Death Metal which, whilst more traditional in places, still upholds a modern theme and sound through both its instrumentation and production, seemlessly blending a variety of elements which make Death Metal such a diverse genre.

Rating: 7/10

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