Decapitated-Anticult Album Review

When I think of Decapitated I think of mostly Winds Of Creation and Nihility. Both outstanding Death Metal classics, however I think its safe to say Decapitated have had a shift in style. Since the release of Carnival Is Forever back in 2011, the band have taken on a groovier edge leaving some fans with the constant hope of a return to the early days.

Anticult is the follow up to the 2014 release Blood Mantra and as expected follows along those grooves once again. That said Voggs’ signature guitar sound still comes through and leaves a decent Death Metal influence looming over the whole release.

The album kicks off with Impulse which almost feels Sepultura influenced, especially vocally. The track overall certainly brings about a slighty thrashy sound, a whole host of genres are thrown into the mix here which could be seen as a little messy.

Deathvaluation has much of the same effect as Impulse incorporating all manner of influences, but one thing still stands out more than anything, Voggs’ guitar playing. Moving on we come to Kill This Cult which puts the vocals in a more anthemic position with its chorus, although nothing outstanding it gives an essence of accessability to the album.

One-Eyed Nation and Anger Line provide us with more Vogg riffs and groove inspired Death Metal. Next up is one of the singles from the album, Earth Scar. The ferocity of the drums throw us straight into the mix of oncoming warfare from a track which stands out, the vocals once again come to the forefront by showing a little more than the relentless Sepulturaesque ramblings. Overall a track which truly harnesses modern Decapitated.

Never is the song which follows, a very thrashy affair but once again nothing out of the ordinary for this record. The album then comes to a close with the more melodic track Amen bringing the album to a softer exit.

All in all I have come to accept that Decapitated will never be the Death Metal titans they once were. However this album still has its highlights and isn’t exactly a bad release, despite the fact that it can at points feel a little generic or messy. Overall it is executed in a fashion which offers the listener an easy, modern, more accessible gateway into Death Metal.

Rating: 5/10


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