Municipal Waste-Slime And Punishment Album Review

Having formed in 2001 its fairly safe to say that Municipal Waste have made their mark on the Metal world. From their first album Waste ‘Em All in 2003 the Waste have consistently put out some outstanding releases, perhaps most notably The Art Of Partying, where we learnt that they were here to fuck us up.

Fast forward through Massive Aggressive and we soon come to 2012s The Fatal Feast (Waste In Space), this album blew me away with outstanding tracks like Repossession, Covered In Sick/ The Barfer and Jesus Freaks. I was very excited to see where the Waste would go after that album and now, here we are with the release of Slime And Punishment.

The 14 song, 28 minute album wastes no time in covering us in toxic Crossover filth as we are forced to Breathe Grease, a suitably thrashy opener with everything we have come to expect from Waste, the sheer speed and ferocity as well as gang vocals designed to be shouted at the top of your lungs and that overall thrashy Waste sound we have come to love.

Much like a lot of Waste albums I feel the speed of the tracks generally highlights the shining moments further, yet can leave some other tracks in the dust. After we have passed through Enjoy The Night, Shrednecks, and a couple more tracks until we come to the Bourbon Discipline which opens with a fantastic catchy Thrash riff before unleashing its full booze fueled carnage, fast, violent and perfect.

Moving past the suitably comedic spoken word sections of Parole Violators we come to the almighty title track Slime And Punishment. This is exactly what Waste is all about, its easy to headbang to, has those brilliant gang vocals and is sure to go down a storm in a live setting.

The album then continues in a similar Hardcore/ Crossover fashion offering up some good but not outstanding songs until we find ourselves Under The Waste Command a purely instrumental track showcasing Municipal Waste in all their glory with hard hitting drums and some great guitar solos and bass riffs.

Everything soon comes to an end as we Think Fast, a perfect closing song, full of exactly what we should expect from Waste but none the less fun, opening with the signature bass stylings of Land Phil and eventually plunging into the expected destruction.

In conclusion Slime And Punishment definatly has its moments but doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor or albums previous. This is by no means a weak release but perhaps not Wastes best effort, I do however look forward to hearing some of these songs live. The Art Of Partying for me still holds the title for the best Waste album so far but this album is further proof that Municipal Waste are here to stay and continually fuck us up.

Rating: 6/10

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