Alestorm-No Grave But The Sea Album Review

The purveyors of True Scottish Pirate Metal and all things nonscencically nautical, return with their 5th full length studio album, No Grave But The Sea. This album is the follow up to 2014s Sunset On The Golden Age and certainly brings Alestorm back to the forefront.

Personally I have been a fan of Alestorm since the release of Captain Morgans Revenge, way back in the misty past of 2008 and eagerly awaited their releases ever since.

Following their first album with more of their unique blend of piratical Power/ Folk Metal, Alestorm have stayed somewhat consistant albeit getting progressivly more ridiculous. However the ridiculous nature of Alestorm seemingly reached a head with Sunset On The Golden Age, when the band started incorporating all manner of weird and wonderful 8 bit video game noises, something I wasn’t the biggest fan of.

None the less here we are in 2017 with No Grave But The Sea, my first impression of this album was slightly stunted when I heard the first single, the self titled track Alestorm, at first the song just didn’t click and I felt as if now might be my time to let go of Alestorms more recent material. However I persisted and by the time the second single Mexico came I was sold (despite the annoying 8 bit intro). The strength of that single was enough to prompt me into giving this album my full attention.

I plunged into the murky waters of the 10 track, 45 minute release headfirst, the opening title tack No Grave But The Sea showed me that Alestorm still packed their hardhitting edge and drew me staight into the current. Next up the exceptional Mexico, which has already been mentioned was the track that really stood out for me, I have been whistling the tune of this song since its release, fantasticly catchy and overall great fun. The album then sails along nicely with some more decent songs, even the song Alestorm has become a great track for me now with its anthemic chorus.

Speaking of anthemic we soon come to two hard hitters one after another, the first of which being Bar Und Imbiss. This song is simply perfect, it really took me back to the early days of Alestorm, a track which would moor into Captain Morgans Revenge with ease. After the glory of Bar Und Imbiss, prepare to be Fucked With An Anchor, at first I marked it down as being typical Alestorm pushing the boat of stupidity way too far, how wrong I was. Fuck With An Anchor may be lyrically bonkers but it still carries a story and makes for a perfect sing a long.

The album then sets a new course I feel and drifts off into the sunset with some fulfilling yet not quite as brilliant tracks, perhaps with the exception of Man The Pumps, which feels much the same as Bar Und Imbiss with its old school feel and tankard swaying joy.

Overall No Grave But The Sea has saved Alestorm from an oncoming shipwreck and put them straight back on track for Treasure Island (which is actually quite a good closing song). I would highly recommend this release to seasoned listeners of the band, and although this album provides newcomers with something fun, I would urge you to listen to their previous material before getting swept up in this current. Namely I would recommend the first three albums, all of which I would mark as nigh on perfect Power/ Folk Metal gems.

Rating: 8/10

Buy the album here:


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