Venomous Concept-Kick Me Silly VC III Album Review

a2153064265_10Venomous Concept for those of you who don’t know are a Grindcore/ Hardcore Punk supergroup comprising of Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Brujeria, Lock Up etc), Danny Herrera (Napalm Death etc), Kevin Sharp (Lock Up, Brutal Truth etc), Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault etc) and John Cooke (Corrupt Moral Altar etc). So as you can see Venomous Concept have a pretty good head start when it comes to musical talent, the band formed in 2003 and have been active ever since, releasing two albums prior to this, Retroactive Abortion and Poisoned Apple, both of which have been seemingly well received in the past.

However we are alas in 2016 with the release of Kick Me Silly VC III, an album which lasts around 49 minutes, that is of course including the unnecessarily long  final track Rocket Science, so in actual fact the album is more likely to be around the 35 minute mark which is something I feel works really well. The length of this album is just enough for the album to smash in, deliver and end, I guess in some sort of way the ambience of the final song serves as a sort of fitting ending but is still none the less rather pointless.

I digress lets get to the point, the music, its evident from the beginning that these guys know exactly how to bring some great songs to the table, I also think this album does a brilliant job of incorporating both the Hardcore and Grindcore influence consistently throughout, a prime example of this would be on the track Anthem, which is just one of those tracks that has it all, fast paced, catchy, heavy and no frills. That sort of songwriting I feel is kept up through the remaining duration of this release, I particularly enjoyed Human Waste as well which builds upon the pre-existing blend of Grindcore and Hardcore further, not to mention the infectiously catchy Head On A Stick as well as the stereotypically short Cheeseburger clocking in at just 11 seconds, another track to note is Neck Tie with its slightly progressive intro which launches into an onslaught of pure Grindcore/ Hardcore energy.

Overall this album is a good, fun listen for any Grindcore or Hardcore fan, basically if you enjoy the likes of Napalm Death and Brutal Truth you will probably find some enjoyment out of this too, don’t necessarily expect to be blown away but this record definitely ticks all the right boxes and offers up some interesting catchy Grindcore/ Hardcore.

Rating: 6/10


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