GoreCrazys Beginners Guide To Brutal Death Metal

Whether you are here out of interest, or purely to pick holes in a personally comprised list, welcome to GoreCrazys beginners guide to Brutal Death Metal. This is a list made up of ten albums which I would consider good starting points for anyone looking to explore this genre. Now as I say this is a list created from personal experience and therefore isn’t full of ‘classic’ albums, although some are obviously included. I feel the words classic and accessible are often considered one in the same, when in actual fact I think classics are albums which stand the test of time where as accessible albums may not necessarily retain a sense of durability but may well stick with the listener on a more personal level, however I digress that subject is perhaps left for another time, so lets get started…

10. Cannibal CorpseTomb Of The Mutilated (1992)
250px-albumart-cannibal_corpse-tomb_of_the_mutilated_1992So after rambling on about classics what do I decide to start this list off with… a classic. None the less a very worthy classic which bridges the gap between classic and accessible, Tomb Of The Mutilated to me shows Cannibal Corpse projecting some of their most hideous material ever recorded, this album may not strictly be classed as Brutal Death Metal but it most certainly contains some key components and not to mention, if you are to understand a genre its important to look at its roots. This release leaps forth as a brutal masterpiece from the moment you pick it up, the vulgar artwork reassures you that you are about to enter a hideous display of audible terror and checking the track listing only makes that assumption grow, with track titles such as I Cum Blood, Addicted To Vaginal Skin, Necropedophile and Entrails Ripped From A Virgins Cunt its fairly obvious that this isn’t about sunshine and rainbows. The album begins with Hammer Smashed Face an undeniable classic of the Death Metal genre and continues in a relentless fashion for the next 30 minutes, its a perfect starting point for any Death Metal fan, and to me certainly hails as a Proto-Brutal Death Metal album (if that’s even a thing).

9. Cattle DecapitationMonolith Of Inhumanity (2012)
0381111548_lIts very rare that an Extreme Metal release can be considered beautiful, and its even more rare for a Brutal Death Metal album to be described as beautiful, but to me that is exactly what this album is. Monolith Of Inhumanity is a unique example of Brutal Death Metal, it encompasses fast paced, hard hitting violence in tracks such as Dead Set On Suicide and Forced Gender Reassignment, whilst keeping up a sense of exceptional song writing and musicianship in songs like Your Disposal and Kingdom Of Tyrants. Travis Ryans gore drenched vocals are one of the main features which make this album so interesting his unique blend of devastating gutturals and hideous nigh on clean shrieks are something which simply cannot be matched. To create an album with such vile, disgusting and graphic lyrical content whilst still placing emphasis on exquisite song writing is something truly special, Monolith Of Inhumanity is a Brutal Death Metal record which doesn’t stick to the genres signature themes but rather thinks for itself making for a stand out accessible, brutal record.

8. Devourment1.3.8. (2000)
devourment_1381.3.8., if ever there was an essential Brutal Death Metal album this would be the one, perhaps I could have used Molesting The Decapitated in this list instead but why not just use Molesting The Decapitated, plus some bonus tracks, which is after all what 1.3.8. essentially is. The first track on this album alone solidifies this albums position in this list, Babykiller, in my opinion the number one Brutal Death Metal anthem upon hearing the opening riff you are completely drawn into the madness that is to follow. The three tracks which come after are taken from the Impaled demo, meaning that the first four tracks on this release feature the exceptional vocals of the late Wayne Knupp. Following this comes the eight songs from Molesting The Decapitated, Postmortal Coprophagia and Fucked To Death being some of the shining examples from that album. Devourment incorporate elements of Slam into their brilliant mix of Brutal Death Metal and make for some of the best Brutal Death Metal ever recorded. Devourments entire catalogue is an advisable beginners guide but I simply couldn’t just fill this whole list with Devourment releases.

7. Waking The CadaverPerverse Recollections Of A Necromangler (2007)
waking_the_cadaver_album_-_proanDeathcore you say? I don’t think so, Waking The Cadaver often get a lot of bad press and as far as I can see for no good reason. This frequently incorrectly labelled album is a great snapshot of Slam, thats right, Slam, not Deathcore. Sure the riffs on this album might be full of the chug factor, Chased Through The Woods By A Rapist I’m looking at you, but this release is just over 25 minutes of sheer Slam, if someone wanted me to define Slam with one album this would certainly be one I would choose, the relentless slams on this album are more than enough to make you want to zombie circle pit your way around the room, you can even join in with a little sing along during Blood Splattered Satisfaction. If you want to listen to this album and accept it for what it is a great Brutal Death Metal release then be prepared to defend that viewpoint, none the less I think this is an unappreciated Slam gem and well worthy of being in any Brutal Death Metal fans collection.

6. Cerebral BoreManiacal Miscreation (2011)
cerebral_bore_maniacal_miscreationReleased originally on Grindscene Records and then picked up a couple of months later and released on a seemingly more mainstream label Earache, possibly due to the novelty of a female vocalist in a Brutal Death Metal band (shock horror, women can do Death Metal vocals) Maniacal Miscreation is a relentless album, blending together sheer Brutal Death Metal with elements of technicality. I often feel that this album is somewhat overlooked despite its more mainstream success and I simply don’t know why, its an album containing all the facets which make up a perfect Brutal Death Metal record, its heavy, technical, fast paced, and brutal yet it almost seems forgotten about. This is a release which is a prime example of what I was referring to in the introduction to this article, this album is by no means considered classic, but it certainly registers on a more personal level when it comes to the replay factor, I would urge anyone interested in Brutal Death Metal to check this release out, even if its just for the final song on the album 24 Year Party Dungeon, which shows off the black comedy often found in Brutal Death Metal in the most perfect fashion.

5. KraaniumTen Acts Of Sickening Perversity (2008)
folderSlams, bring me the slams. The first album from Kraanium, Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity is a short sharp burst of unrelenting slam, a perfect album for anyone looking to increase their Wigger Slam street cred. Although I love all of Kraaniums work I feel that this release and the following album The Art Of Female Sodomy is among their best work. From start to finish you are thrown into the mix with some straight up Brutal Death Metal, and lets face it who can resist song titles like Midget Fucker and Shemale Throatfuck.

4. TorsofuckErotic Diarrhoea Fantasy (2004)
torsofuckeroticdiarrheawm7Winner of the best album to feature a sample from Freddy Got Fingered goes to Torsofuck with their album Erotic Diarrhoea Fantasy. Torsofuck were one of the first Brutal Death Metal bands I ever heard and are still what I would consider to be one of the heaviest, from the sluggish bass tone, to the nigh on Goregrind vocals, not to mention some genuinely exceptional drum programming. This album to me is a great example of Brutal Death Metal, its vile, got that black humour edge and well as previously mention features drum programming… okay maybe that last point doesn’t matter too much, but none the less I would urge anyone to seek out this brilliant debut. Despite Torsofucks small output of material I would still say they have left their mark on the Brutal Death Metal world.

3. AmputatedWading Through Rancid Offal (2009)
0a08b0e157a08332cf662ed82474e93bIf you thought Kraaniums slams were hard hitting then you clearly haven’t heard Amputateds, Wading Through Rancid Offal. This release at least in my opinion is one of the best Slam albums ever recorded, and to top that off features some of the greatest pig squealing, bree bree type vocals. I kind of get the impression that Amputated listened to a load of Slam albums and decided lets take it to the max, going back to the Slam theme some notable tracks from this record are Psycho-Doctrinal Lobotomization, Projectile Beer Vomit and Cunt Like A Sewer. Overall I think this album is a pure testament to Slam and should make its way into any Slam fans collection.

2. LividityThe Age Of Clitoral Decay (2000)
600x600srI think Lividity are a Brutal Death Metal band who simply have the art of writing incredible, memorable, extreme music. I feel one of the best ways to sum up and describe their overall sound would be somewhat sleazy, their almost primitive approach to Brutal Death is something that certainly stands out from the crowd. Sure they have all the general points, they’re fast, heavy, and all that other good stuff that comes with being a Brutal Death Metal band, but they exhibit something so much more than that, the riffs are relentless yet seemingly easy to pick up and the vocals are what I really feel make this band so sleazy, the mixture of gutturals and hideous screams, not to mention some of the lyrics during the more shrieking vocals having some amazing pronunciation behind them. If you want some nasty, perverse Death Metal this album is the one for that.

1. DemilichNespithe (1993)
53338319So here we are the final album on the list, we started with a classic so lets end with a classic Demilichs Nesphithe, released in 1993 and quite possible one of the first albums to feature the ultra guttural vocals we all know and love today its safe to say that this release was a game changer. I like to think that when Demilich got together they sat down as looked at the various pre-existing elements of Death Metal and said lets step it up a notch, as previously mentioned the vocals as well as the style of play, this is most certainly an album which falls into the Technical Death Metal bracket, although I don’t feel the technical aspect is overbearing which makes it a prime album to start off with in terms of exploring the realms of technicality further as well as Brutal Death Metal.

So there we have it GoreCrazys beginners guide to Brutal Death Metal, a list which spans the diversity, roots and various elements which make the genre so incredible, I hope that some of you out there have enjoyed this and perhaps even taken the time to listen to some of the albums on this list. Make sure to keep an eye out for more lists in the near future.


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